Frontier Economics' latest report shows that counterfeit product sales in China today exceed $ 280 billion. This is the money that Russian manufacturers lose.

CodeXPO will help protect goods from counterfeiting worldwide

(NOTE: The platform has a patent for the codeXPO technology)

How it works

1. Register in the system as a Manufacturer and receive a set of unique one-time QR codes.
2. Place the code on the packaging of the export product.
3. Get information about the geography, time, date and number of purchases of your product, as well as requests for counterfeiting. The platform directly connects the Manufacturer and the Buyer. The Buyer sees all the Seller's stores. Your Buyer is always with you.

Our one-time QR code (our unique codeXPO - the technology has a patent) can be scanned only once, after which it is removed from the system. This ensures that the product on which it is displayed is genuine. If a unique QR code has been forged, the buyer will see a warning on the smartphone screen that they are counterfeit.


QR code is easy to read with a smartphone
Most of the world's inhabitants use messengers with a built-in scanner.
Buyer protection
Using the QR code, the Buyer will receive full information about the characteristics of the product and its authenticity, and will also be able to contact you and report a fake by pressing one button.
High speed of the application
CODEXPO professionally bypasses the internet filtering system of all countries.

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